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Is he the one true love?

When you have so many times through the relationship and always entangled with the problems of endless love. Maybe you should dare to ask yourself is it true back into the true love he was?

To find true love is not easy. But that does not mean it is a very difficult thing you get. Here are some things you should look to convince yourself whether he is “your soulmate” ?

Beginning when we like someone usually because of various advantages that looks interesting. Can of goodness and beauty beauty brains of other interesting things to our eyes he looks special. But when it was ‘invented’ and all that visible wear. For example when you are wrong haircut and he can pout all day because of it. Or when you do compares the error and he did not want to give you a chance for you to fix it. Thought to carry away should think again deh to label as the love of your life. Because it is basically true love is unconditional love and accept what it is. It is also a love that could lead to a better direction.

Love is a sacrifice?
Actually, in true love is not no such thing as sacrifice. Especially if he’s saying “I’ve already sacrificed many things for you” .. oops .. be careful if he had said that. Never again declared him as the love of your life. Because there is a commitment dlam true love towards yourself and your partner to take care and happy. Because someone who has sacrificed not going to tell you that he has sacrificed. If nothing has been said that if he had sacrificed a lot for you that namaya reservation. Not sacrificed.

Only limited status
There are some people who finally decided to have a relationship because he did not want to seem if were single. Not infrequently also someone still maintaining a relationship when she was not ‘comfortable’ or more comfortable to stay on that relationship.
Even though sometimes the heart is felt that the person beside us when this is not the right person still can not end it.
What causes it? Actually someone fixed undergo a ‘false’ for her not because she was afraid of losing someone that but because there is reluctance to feel the change when they menjomblo again. Try again ventured to assess whether the relationships that you’re living it brings more happiness or sadness? Or do you live it just for status only.

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