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Definition of Circle

In Euklid geometry, a circle is the set of all points on the field within a certain distance, called the radius, from a certain point, called the center. The circle is an example of a simple closed curve, dividing the field into the inside and the outside.

Circle of Elements

 – Center
The center of the circle is a point which is located in the middle of the circle.
 – Radius (r)
As mentioned previously, the radius of the circle is a line from the center of the circle to the arc of the circle.
 – Diameter (d)
The diameter is a straight line connecting two points on the curve of the circle and through the central point. diameter value is twice the value of his fingers, wrote that d = 2r
 – Arc
In the circle, circular arc is a curved line that lies on the arc of the circle and connecting two arbitrary points on the curve.
 – Chord
A chord of a circle is a straight line in the loop that connects two points on the curve of the circle. In contrast to the diameter, not bow string through the center of circle O.
  – Segment
Segment is the area within a circle bounded by the bow and bowstring.
 – Sector
Sector in the area of a circle is a circle bounded by two radius of the circle and an arc is flanked by both the radius of the circle.
 – An apothem
In a circle, An apothem a line connecting the center of the circle with the circle bowstring. Formed a line that is perpendicular to the bow string.

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