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Circumference and Area of Circles

Circumference of Circles
Circumference of a circle is the length of the arch-forming circle. How to calculate the circumference of a circle? Suppose, given a circle made of wire. Circumference can be calculated by measuring the length of wire that form the circle.

Circumference formula
C = ? d atau C = 2 ? r

Explanation : C = Circumference
                    ? =  phi
                    d = diameter
                    r  = radius

Area of Circles
Area of circle represents the area bounded by the circumference of a circle. Area of a circle can be calculated using the general formula area of a circle.

Area formula
A = ΒΌ ? d 2 atau A =? r2

Explanation : A =Area
                    ? =  phi
                    d = diameter
                    r  = radius

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