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Business Planning

Before we start a business, there’s one called stage business planning, and this is very wide and varied, depending on the scale or type of business that we will live.
Here I did not elaborate nor discuss in details on business planning (business plans) are, here we only list the basic understanding of business and planning than most things that need attention.
Business plan is a written discussion that outlines the things that underlie consideration of the establishment of business / operations and
relating to the establishment of the business, which has a basic purpose: why business is done, how to do it, what factors that support this business success, etc..
So, the core of a business plan is the link between ideas and reality that is how ideas translate into reality by knowing the factors that triggered the success and failure a business. 
Surely, if this will be discussed one by one very long, but nevertheless we would like to follow things that are necessary in the recall:

– Write a brief business plan, solid and clear.– Create a business plan that is easily understood.
– Oriented to the future state.
– Do not be too excessive– Write down the risks that may be encountered.– Show me the evidence and arguments in compiling accurate calculations.  
– Writing should be the focus, do not stray anywhere.– Clearly identify the market and consumers. 

Those are some basic things in the preparation of business planning.
 Success for you!

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