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Ugly Face Of The Bat Focuses Wave

Hi… friend do you know wrinkle and furrow near nose bat brings favor???

Wrinkle and furrow near nose that make face of saveral kinds of bat is very bad obviously brings favor. Because, with face charactetistic like that, bat can focus ultrasound wave that it used to determine position of the things around it.

A bat is known because has echolocation ability by releasing ultrasound wave and detects its reflection back to determine position of victim or avoids barricade around. Most bat release ultrasound wave from its mounth, but about 300 species release from its nose.

In the bat that releases ultrasound wave from its nose, there is nose lobe and gil also irregular folding around nose. Scientist since long ago assumed that this structure helps bat to focus wave reflection, but for about 100 years there is no scientific proof.

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